Hello & Welcome!

Hello there! Welcome to my blog!

Who am I? My name is Kate and I am a Coordinator of Religious Education for Preschool and Elementary (yep, my acronym is CREPE, which is both funny and delicious!) I enjoy hiking, ladderball, reading historical fiction, drinking on the patio with friends, tiramisu, and Netflix marathons (a real marathon would probably kill me!)

Why did I create this space? Because sometimes I get so excited about my ideas or discovering a great activity online, and I just want to share it with everyone!

Why did I give this blog some random Latin phrase? Well, in English it's translated to, "Bidden or not bidden, God is present." I have a sign in my entry way that says this. When I reflect on this saying, I am comforted. Whenever you search for my blog, you are typing in the words 'God is present' and that's a great reminder for all of us. And why Latin? 'Cause I like it. (And you answer your next, unasked question, yes, I am more of a "traditional" Catholic and less of a "contemporary" one.)

Stay tuned for my next posts on lapbooks I worked on creating this summer!