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Building Jerusalem

It took years and years for Jerusalem to be built and rebuilt in ancient days. It also took me years and years (okay, a year and a year) to complete the most intimidating material in the level 1 atrium: the City of Jerusalem. But I did complete it last summer, so I am going to share my building process with you. And if you have Matisyahu's song 'Jerusalem' stuck in your head the whole time, you're in good company! Jerusalem, if I forget you Fire not gonna come from me tongue Jerusalem, if I forget you Let my right hand forget what it's supposed to do I had purchased the movable pieces from The Catechists's Husband and had Jeremy (local woodworker) build the control base. He also built the Calvary piece, the large hill where the Mount of Olives is, and a layer to distinguish upper and lower Jerusalem. I had already painted and poly coated the pieces, so I wrapped them in aluminum foil and laid them out on the base. Then I (along with help from Nicky) started to

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