Alleluia! He is Risen!

This has been a very different Lent. The best way to describe it is probably what I've seen floating around Facebook posts, "This is the Lentiest Lent I've ever Lented." But the Vigil has occurred, and we can now rejoice with Alleluias!

I've read some people suggesting that Easter be pushed back until this pandemic is under control. This makes me both chuckle and shake my head, as I repeat the line from the 2014 Esurance Beatrice commercial, "That's not how this works! That's not how any of this works!"

Whether or not we are able to be in our church buildings with our parish communities, Jesus is still risen! There were not crowds at the first Easter, either. I'm not saying I haven't struggled with this quarantine - I have. The past few days have been particularly rough: emotionally; not being able to do the traditional triduum things, and physically; having a diverticulitis flair. It's going to be a mighty different Easter than usual, with no Mass, no ham dinner with family like sardines around my parents dining table, and no grandkids hunting outside for eggs. But this just means finding a new way to celebrate! We are having caramel rolls for breakfast - something new to add to traditions!

I encourage you, dead reader, to keep the faith. Jesus is risen! Don't spend tomorrow in sweats, watching Netflix or Hulu like all the other quarantine days. Take a shower, do your hair, put on your Easter finery! Make a decent breakfast, and not just a protein bar (which is my go-to). Share the good news with family and friends with phone calls and snail-mail. Decorate your home. Dye eggs and hide them. Have your traditional dinner while FaceTiming your families! If you're in walking distance, take a walk to your church. In everything you do, rejoice! Rejoice! Because Jesus died - and rose! - for YOU. You, personally. You, specifically. You, lovingly.