Lent in a Bag (or a box)

While searching Pinterest for ideas to offer my classes, I came across Lent in a Bag from Building Faith. It's a simple project to create, with a great results: making children reflect. Our R.E. classes try to go through the whole textbook, plus crafts and activities, so offering some quiet, serious time is needed.

Building Faith also gives 2 links to printouts from other churches tweaking the project. I did some tweaking myself. The verses mentioned under 'Sand' needed to be adjusted for the NAB, and instead of singing This Little Light of Mine for the 'Candle' I added the verses from Matthew 5.

I included the 2 items that others' had added, for a total of 6 items:
  • Sand
  • Rock
  • Bulb/Seed
  • Shell
  • Human figure (I used peg dolls)
  • Candle 
I used gable boxes instead of paper bags because 1) they are cute, and 2) they should hold up better than a bag. You can download the printable below. I created it in Publisher and it should be printed on 8.5x11, in booklet style with a center fold. 

Here is how they turned out!